Become an EnVision Center

Bring an EnVision Center to Your Community! Find all the resources and information needed to designate an EnVision Center in your neighborhood.

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Operations Guide

The Operations Guide provides guidance on how to apply, form, and operate an EnVision Center.

EnVision Center Letter of Commitment Instructions and Sample

The Commitment Letter affirms the organization’s commitment to empowering households to self-sufficiency.

Action Plan Template

The Action Plan outlines the operational plans of the EnVision Center. It also should describe how the EnVision Center’s activities will align with the mission of the Initiative.

Quarterly Report Template

The quarterly report tracks the operational progress of the Envision Center site.

Due Dates for Quarterly Report submission:
    30th January
    30th April
    30th July
    30th October

Please submit quarterly reports to:

Have questions about becoming an EnVision Center? Contact your Regional EnVision Center Point of Contact

Contact a Regional Coordinator

Contact a Regional Coordinator


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