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Relevant Publications


Relevant Publications

The following is a brief and admittedly partial list of publications that address the issues surrounding regulatory barriers to affordable housing. Because the first section is comprised of HUD publications (which are in the public domain), we are able to provide links to the full-text versions of the documents. In many cases, these publications are also available in printed form from HUD USER for a nominal charge by calling 1-800-245-2691, or you may order online by following this link to the HUD USER online store. Just be sure to have the full title ready when placing your order.

The second list, under the heading Bibliographic Database, includes titles, abstracts, and publishers' citations for publications that may also be of interest, but which are not published by HUD. As a result, we're unable to provide the full-text versions. Nonetheless, the citations will help you secure the publications from the respective publishers.

Please check back from time to time, as this list will be revised, as our publications database continues to grow.


HUD Publications

These publications are available as free downloads (in *.pdf format) from the HUD User website, or in printed form for a nominal charge by calling 1.800.245.2691.

Click on the appropriate link(s) to review.

Bibliographic Database

The following documents have been provided by other, non-governmental publishers of housing research, and as such, are subject to copyright restrictions. We have provided abstracts of these publications for your review, along with citations that will help you secure the document(s) from the respective publishers.

The documents listed in the RBC Bibliographic Database have been drawn from the much larger HUD USER Bibliographic Database. Publications have been selected based on their relevance to regulatory concerns surrounding affordable housing. For a much broader subject matter search, you may wish to visit the HUD USER Bibliographic Database, which resides on, the parent site of HUD's Regulatory Barriers Clearinghouse. Some of the suggested keywords for a thorough search are: Regulatory Barriers, Joint Venture for Affordable Housing, Accessory Apartments, Zoning, Zoning Regulations, Granny Flats, Building Codes, Rehabilitation, Land Development, Land Development Standards, Impact Fees.